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I don’t train, I just ride.

Living in rural Wiltshire I can climb on my bike outside my garage and just go. I belong and mostly cycle train with our local club SRAM. I have the New Forest, Cranborne Chase and Salisbury Plain right on my doorstep.

For me the week starts with a Fitness Yoga class on a Monday, which concentrates on strength and toning followed by RPM (Revs per Min). RPM is a structured studio cycle focusing on speed and power. The evening is running group, between 3-5 miles.

Tuesday sees me running/walking round the bridal paths and tracks with 2 beautiful large borrowed dogs. About 5-7 miles.

Wednesdays is the Midweek Miles - a social regrouping ride of about 40 -50 miles depending on weather. A chance to sprint the flats and push yourself up the hills as you feel fit.

Thursday morning sees me back in the leisure centre for another round of RPM and Fitness Yoga. I love the comradery of these sessions. There is also possibility of an evening club ride or TT session.

Friday morning and I’m back out with the dogs. Friday evening is Kettlebells or another dose of RPM.

Saturday and Sundays sees me back out on the bike with the club to get another 50-ish miles under the belt.

I’m also partial to turbo sessions, weights, solo rides and occasional swims. I like to adhere to a basic routine but I’m not too strict with myself. Family and granny duties have to be slotted in and sometimes my body just says no to exercise.

A couple of us thought a memorable NY ride was a good idea. When it came to it, it was just me and another couple of guys who cycled 105 miles up to Inkpen Beacon on the Ridgeway. We stopped for coffee and lunch and got back just after dark.

The weather has taken a toll recently. I refuse to take risks with the ice. A couple of Wednesdays ago I waited for some lunchtime sunshine before going out and doing some reps up Mile Hill which I knew was a safe, short loop.

Last Sunday was the wettest, coldest, windiest day I can remember for a long time. The previous weekend had been a write-off with deep snow, and my grandson had stayed over with his dog. The day before was wet with gale force winds, I was keen to go out whatever, but I did have to cut the ride short. After 25 miles of misery we had a coffee stop when I couldn’t feel my fingers and thought I was close to hypothermia. 15 miles home and I felt like chucking the bike away.

So I was dreading today (Wednesday 13th Feb) but it was a glorious ride. I feel recovered and my motivation has been restored.



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