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Nearly a catastrophe - a cyclist’s vulnerability!

We are in the last stages of preparation as it is under a week until we leave for California.   However it nearly wasn’t to be for me and the bike that I was going to use won’t be making the journey.

A couple of weeks ago I had had a lovely solo ride in the Chilterns and was enjoying the final incline up  toAmersham station when suddenly a very loud bang and I found myself on my back in the road. Totally winded and unable to move,  A red blur then slowly went past and stopped.  A car, for no reason other than “she didn’t see me” ( in hi-vis yellow!) had gone straight into the back of my bike and me! Fortunately the car behind her was driven by a local GP who stopped to look after me until the ambulance came as it was definitely an A&E job.  As I discovered later,  my back wheel was jacknifed and my backside is still carrying the imprint of her headlight.  However I was very fortunate as we discovered after a full CT scan and 6 hours at Stoke Mandeville  A&E  -nothing broken and no real internal injuries apart from severe bruising which I am still carrying.   Not bad for probably a 25 mph direct collision. The human skeleton can be very strong but definitely some reflective thoughts on cyclists’ vulnerabilities though.

I had to move on quickly though as my bike frame was also broken so my bike was a write-off and I neeed to replace for RAAM.  I was also going away for meetings very shortly.   One great fortune had been that when I had Condor service my now defunct bike the previous week, my eye had been taken by a real bargain top of the range Leggere as they were selling off the JLT-Condor pro teams 2018 bikes.

They even had two in my frame size 46”!!  One had been earmarked for me and Condor pulled out the stops to get it ready for me in just a few days  - The driver’s insurance will pay for this fortunately.   I have been able to ride it a few times to see that it is a very superior member of the Leggere family and I can look forward to getting to know it better as we cross America!

(Hilary Walker)


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