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RAAM - 3, 2, 1 ... GO!

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

One hour to go and we four Serpentine Golden Girls are off again! We completed Race across America (RAAM) in 2008, and, 11 years later, we are off. With an average age of 70 years, we will be the oldest team of 4 women ever to have attempted it.  Is being 76 a serious disadvantage for the others? We will wait and see

3,070+-mile cycling, relaying across America from Oceanside in California to Annapolis in Maryland, across 12 States with 30,770m of climbing.

SGG at RAAM centre - picture taken by Slackline Productions

Only 15 per cent of the racers are women and our four-person relay teams have nine days to complete the race. Cut-off times are soul-destroyingly rigid.

Arrived in California after a 10 hour flight so a day or two go recover from jet lag and then logistics kick in big time. We need two cars and a RV for sleeping and eating – a crew of 10 fantastic volunteers to manage and support the riders. For three days they have worked to ensure medical support, compliance within the rules of RAAM travel, food for riders and crew, light at night. Two of us, Hils and I ride for roughlyan hour on, hour off relaxing in one of the support cars. Not so easy at night when the car is giving we light to help on some of those long steep downhills.

We had a great de-briefing and get together of all the teams last night. Huge number of riders, some teams of 2, or 4 or 8. That team (in the picture) truly inspirational, and such great girls, all pre military services. We resolved to get together back in the UK with Silverfit, and maybe think of an event together. Each team of riders had to go up to the stage when their name was called. We were all staggered when the whole room stood to applaud us. Emotional!

So after a good night’s rest, we are about to go. Hils going first to climb that mega hill out of Oceanside, and with a bit of luck I can do a good bit of the downhill!

(Eddie Brocklesby)


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