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RAAM planning in the Cotswolds

This weekend, the Golden Girls, along with members of their crew, came together in the Cotswolds for a planning get-together.

While the epic Race Across America (RAAM) is physically demanding, it also takes a whole lot of planning and coordinating to pull of a successful race. As well as putting in the training miles, the team have to consider the logistics around crew, transport and catering etc.

I had the pleasure of crewing the original Golden Girls' RAAM attempt in 2008, so saw first-hand just what it takes to pull together such a challenge.

First up is the crew. Quite simply this challenge can't happen with a team of crew behind the riders. The crew are there to take the pressure off the cyclists, so all they have to worry about is cycling from A to B. For a successful crew you need a crew leader, a caterer, a bike mechanic, a sports massage therapist and drivers, to name a few.

Then comes the logistics - not just the getting to and from RAAM, but ensuring every member of the team understands the RAAM rules, for instance a riders may only ride alongside each other for a 15-minute period each 24 hours, or riding at night time without a support car in direct pursuit. Any violation of these rules can result in a time penalty or worse disqualification from the race. You can read the full list of RAAM rules here.

Next there's sponsorship. This challenge is a costly expedition and business sponsorship is imperative to getting it off the ground. We can offer a whole host of benefits to your company in return for supporting the Golden Girls - any businesses wishing to know more about getting behind this inspiring attempt, please do get in touch at

And of course, the reason behind why this challenge is happening - to raise much-needed funds and awareness for the charity Silverfit. Silverfit encompasses all that the Golden Girls is about - that age is NO barrier to keeping fit and active. With a combined age of over 280 years, the Golden Girls are one of the oldest teams to ever take part in Race Across America. They're doing it for all the golden oldies out there, and what an inspiring thing to do. Over the next few months the team will be upping their fundraising efforts in the hope of raising a significant sum of money to help Silverfit continue their vital work. If you would like to lend the team your support, why not drop a donation on their fundraising page.

So there you have it, a small insight in to what it takes to take part in the incredible Race Across America. Thank you for reading this far and thank you in advance for any support you are able to offer to our awe-inspiring Golden Girls.



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