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Training update from Edwina

The last two months of training haven’t been the easiest as I am combining it with a large amount of time working for Silverfit. We are planning to expand Silverfit service from our 17 existing venues in London. Every interview or podcast I do leads to more people asking for sessions near them, although it is satisfying seeing the growth of a supportive Silverfit family.

However I have spent many hours cycling, both outside and at home on the fantastic Zwift system, where I can build my own workout or race against others, often at the back! I have been doing a lot of sessions for 1 hour on and 1 hour off for 6 hours as Hils (Hilary Webber) and I will be doing in RAAM. I thought it was going well! I was then taking 6 hours to rest or work for Silverfit before starting another hour session. However, Brian Welsh, our fantastic RAAM racer and Crew Chief for us in America,told me that the key hour would be the second hour of the second set. He was right. It is a lot harder than the first hour. So I will persevere with Zwift and my turbo for our last 3 weeks!

Last week, I had the benefits of a fabulous week in Steve Trew’s training camp in Italy. At the end competed in the Nove Colli Gran Fondo, one of the most famous and oldest cycling races in the country. The event is held annually in the beautiful port town of Cesenatico on the Adriatic Cost. The legendary cyclist Fausto Coppi organised the first edition of Nove Colli back in 1971, and a local boy, called Marco Pantani, joined at the age of 11.

Apart from the rich history and fantastic setting, it is the challenging route that attracts thousands of cyclists from all over the world. There are two options: the 130k routeor the 200k, with 3840 meters of climbing as the literally translation of Nove Colli is Nine Hills, which gives an idea to what the route profile looks like.

I did the 130k option with a climb of four hills (1871 meters of elevation). The weather, as everyone could see from TV coverage from Giro D’Italia at the same time was awful, cold and wet. About 12.000 people started all together, many joining together in huge pelotons that were far too fast for me. At the top of the 4th and toughest hill, they turned off on their additional loop, but around the 105th km that fast group of the full 200k joined back in with us. We were overtaken by multiple pelotons at incredible speed. It was a scary descent but so, so great to finish and celebrate back in the hotel with singers – including the brothers Jerry and Steve Trew – and the chance to have a chat with many interesting people. It was great to see Dante again, the hotel owner of Beau Soleil where we were all staying. He knew Pantani very well, winner of the Tour de France and one of the best climbers ever. He died locally, linked with cocaine. And the whole race has a strong Pantani theme.

So back to Zwift and the Surrey hills for that last three weeks. And having been to see Kristin Duffy’s Slackline Productions event last night, it is so exciting that her team are going to be with us for RAAM.  

(Edwina Brocklesby)


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