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Training update from Margaret

Training on the bike for RAAM is going to plan. December and January were focused on building aerobic endurance and most of the sessions were ridden at a low intensity. For the same heart rate I can see my power and speed increasing over the weeks which is great. The art is to be able to ride economically and effectively so that over the 9 days I can ride at the same power and pace throughout - not flagging on day 9!

February has brought a change in training tactics though maintaining the aim of 5 - 10 hours on the bike each week. I use my indoor turbo a lot since I can do a specific focused session without the interruption of traffic, lights and people. Whilst maintaining 2 low intensity sessions the other 2 or 3 sessions have become much more intense focusing on building power and / or speed. These sessions are shorter at 45-70 mins each and are based around short or long intervals with easy spin between. The low intensity work eg the long ride of 3-4 hours has now become more specific so I ride for an hour then have 45-60mins doing something else, preferably sitting so that this mimics getting off the bike, sitting in a car and then being able to get back on the bike with immediate effectiveness three times over. Over time the intensity of these split sessions will increase!

Bike handling is not a problem for me but next month all my training will be outside on the hills of Lanzarote - more of that in March.



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