Why Race Across America?

In 2019, eleven years after their first successful Race Across America efforts, the Serpentine Golden Girls will be back on US soil to, once again, attempt one of the toughest cycle challenges in the world.  


This time the team’s average age will be 70. And, despite their combined age of 280 years, the inspiring team of four ladies will be hoping to showcase that age needn’t be a barrier to physical exercise.


The race


Race Across America takes cyclists from the west to east coast of America, taking in iconic scenery including the Rocky Mountains and the plains of Kansas, before finishing the 3,000 mile journey in Maryland.


The team will have just nine days to cycle, day and night through 12 states, overcoming tiredness, the very real risk of injury and the unforgiving terrain which will see them climb 170,000 vertical feet.


The cause

As mature athletes, the team’s entire motivation behind this challenge is to highlight the importance of keeping active in later life. Being active doesn’t have to involve cycling across America; going for a walk, doing yoga or even getting on a bike to the shops can all have a hugely positive impact on a person’s wellbeing.


Together the team will be raising money to support Silverfit, a charity that specialises in supporting older people to take up an active lifestyle.  By promoting happier, healthier ageing through affordable physical activity and at the same time combat social isolation, Silverfit aims to improve older people’s quality of life and also to save the NHS and social care providers money.

To sponsor The Golden Girls and help make exercise more accessible to older people please click here. Thank you.  

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